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10ofThose are involved in all sorts of events around the UK and abroad. It is all part of our commitment to distribute quality Christian resources conveniently and efficiently, at low prices.

Below are a list of some of the events we will be providing bookstalls for in the coming months.

If you would be interested in 10ofThose providing a bookstall for an event, conference or as a one off sale please contact the office and we will be glad to help.

Events you’ll find us at


19 ICMDA World Congress More

10ofThose will be travelling to Rotterdam to run a bookshop at the 15th World Congress of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association. Speakers include Lindsay Brown, Jan Kunene, Pablo Martinez, Andrzej Turkanik, Gisela Schneider and John Wyatt.

More information.

20 St Helen’s Summer School More

10ofThose will join the church family from St Helen’s, Bishopsgate once again to provide a bookstall for their annual summer school at Ashburnham Place

More information.


02 New Horizon More

10ofThose are pleased to be returning to New Horizon this summer. We will be providing a bookshop on site throughout the week. Speakers include Vaughan Roberts, Rachel Gardener and Malcolm Duncan.

More information.

12 All Souls ‘Cornerstone’ Holiday More

We will be providing a bookstall for the church family from All Souls, Langham Place at their annual church holiday. This is held at Monkton Combe School, near Bath.

More information.

23 Inskip Convention More

10ofThose will once again be providing a bookstall for the annual Inskip Convention, held at Inskip Baptist Church. This year’s speaker is Rupert Bentley–Taylor, from Emmanuel Church in Bath.

More information.