Help with your Camp Bookstall


Throughout the duration of the camp bookstall ordering process the staff at 10ofThose are on hand to help you. We want to make the process as smooth as possible. If you need some help we are here for you! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Below are some tips on making the best use of a bookstall on camp. Some may seem obvious but please consider them when placing your order.

  • Campers will generally not buy more than 2 books each. Think about how many books you are ordering per person on camp. (Last year the average spend was about £4 per person on camp across all the 10ofThose supplied summer camps)
  • Think carefully about which books you are going to promote. Books that are not promoted won’t sell as well as those that are.
  • Books that are promoted do sell well – so make sure books and resources are being highlighted each day at camp. Also, it’s really helpful if dorm leaders are promoting books to individuals one to one too.
  • If you’re looking for extra discount you’re in the right place. 10ofThose offer a minimum of 20% off all camp bookstall orders, with further discount for firm sale items (an additional 10%!).
  • Think carefully about the location of the bookstall; near the tuck shop is often a good place, or in the main meeting place. You might be able to offer a book for £1 that the campers pay for as they leave the main meeting?
  • The selection of books on our online camp bookstall system has been carefully chosen. If you are unsure what to order, it may be better to stick to our recommendations. A wide range isn’t always the best – sometimes a focused selection can be much more helpful.
    If you’re finding there’s too much choice – maybe have a look at our bookstall in a box?
  • Think very carefully about the volume you are ordering. Remember you’ll have to pay postage for each box of unsold items you return.
  • When you come to returning the books, make sure they are packed well with lots of packaging to avoid charges for damaged goods.
    See our returns page for a video and other helpful tips on how to pack your box.
  • Finally, if you are unsure or have a question please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We really hope you have a really great time on camp. During the Summer we’ll be praying for your ministry as we send resources out.

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