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02 June 2017

4 books to buy for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the time to celebrate the men in our lives who have encouraged, loved and supported us over the years. Whether they’re our natural fathers, grandfathers, role models, or our fathers in the faith, now’s the time to say, ‘Thank you!’  

Father’s Day this year falls on Sunday 18th June. So with sales of socks, ties and chocolate oranges set to peak on Saturday 17th June, we’d like to suggest another option. What a blessing it would be this year to point our fathers to Jesus!


1. Men’s ESV Devotional Bible – £15

We have a choice of 4 men’s devotional Bibles, but my personal favourite is the ESV Soft–Tone Men’s Devotional Bible. This would be a real treat to open on Father’s day!

ESV Men's Devotional Bible
ESV Men's Devotional Bible

‘With 365 theologically rich and gospel–centred devotions and introductions to orient men to each book of the Bible. The Men’s Devotional Bible strengthens men in their walk with Christ, helping us apply the gospel and the truth of God’s Word in our homes, churches, and workplaces.’

2. Habits of Grace – £7.69 

A brilliant book to help any man refocus on the habits that will shape and grow him. This is a practical book which will stir the heart to the glories of Christ in daily living.

Habits of Grace
Habits of Grace

‘The Christian life is built on three seemingly unremarkable practices: reading the Bible, prayer, and fellowship with other believers. But these “habits of grace” are the God–designed channels through which his glorious grace flows – making them life–giving practices for all Christians.’

3. War and Grace – £7.79 

If your father prefers a story, this is the one for you. A remarkable biography of real lives that were changed forever during the World Wars by God’s mighty hand. 

War and Grace
War and Grace

‘The Japanese pilot who led the attack on Pearl Harbour, the American airman who was converted while a prisoner of the Japanese, the British general assigned the task of defending Malta against invasion… God brought these thirteen people to trust, know and serve the Lord Jesus.’

4. Fine Gold From Yorkshire – £6.92

With 21 segments (1 more than a chocolate orange) this is a wonderful book of bite–size biographies. The inspiring real lives of Yorkshire men and women, who were captivated by the gospel and brought lasting change around the globe, will be a winner with both Christian and non–Christian readers.

Fine Gold From Yorkshire
Fine Gold From Yorkshire

‘Fine Gold from Yorkshire introduces Christians from the county whose lives have impacted millions across the world.  Read it and smile, be inspired and stirred, but most of all look to the God of these people: the God who loves people from every county and country.’

… and of course, if time is REALLY tight, you could get your Dad a gift voucher and allow him the joy of choosing!

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