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What you put in your heart comes out in your life

Jo Boddam–Whetham

1 Customer Review

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Jo Boddam–Whetham has written this book to get you into another book – the Bible. She aims to challenge and equip you to develop a regular, individual time of reading God’s Word and praying. When you let God in his word and his wisdom will steer you in the right direction and help you to make the right choices. Reading God’s Word and praying to him are an essential part of receiving God’s input and ensuring the right output from your life. To know that God loves you and that there is nothing more that you can do to make him love you more than he does already – that’s great. Reading the Bible and Praying is not about making God love you more – it’s about feeding and watering your soul so that your love for God grows and spills over impacting your life and your world.


Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781781911259
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
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Customer Reviews

  • Ruth Dwyer | starstarstarstarstar

    Input Output

    There are some great Bible Study and Prayer notes available for young people. However, Input Output is the first book for teenagers I know of, that explains why to spend time reading the Bible and talking to God each day.
    Jo has an upbeat style, and her book is clear, fun and engaging. It always points us to the Bible, challenges us to take time with God seriously, is very real about the barriers, packed full of helpful practical tips and illustrations and shot through with reminders about grace.
    I am very thankful to Jo for writing this. I have and will continue to encourage the young people I know to read Input Ouput. I also wholeheartedly recommend it to any Youth or Church Worker wanting to teach and support young people to begin or persevere with personal prayer and Bible Study.
    Also worth a read to find out how to avoid bad breath (chapter 4)!
    R Dwyer (Youth Worker, South West London)


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