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How to Walk Into Church

Tony Payne

1 Customer Review

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Walking into church is a much more complicated and important subject than it first appears. There are countless different ways to walk into church — walking in with different attitudes or expectations or obligations. How do you walk into church? The answer to that not–so–simple question will largely be determined by what you think church is, and what you think you’re doing there. That’s what this little book is all about.

This book is a great idea. It’s wonderfully practical, helpful, and relevant. I hope we can give it away to our new members. Tony has given us a necessary reminder on the importance of walking into church with the right heart, the right head, and the right spirit.
~ Kevin DeYoung
Senior Pastor, University Reformed Church (East Lansing, Michigan, USA)

This outstanding book is packed with profound reflection on what church is and practical application of what it means to ‘go to church’. I hope every member of St Helen’s reads it – it will do us a world of good.
~ William Taylor
St Helen’s Bishopsgate, London

How to Walk into Church is so clear, so simple, so straightforward, so practical – and so eternally important! As such, it is a brief must–read for all Christians, and not only for today’s “My thumb is always out for a better ride” church hitch–hikers, but for those who find attending church to be a mundane option.
~ R. Kent Hughes
Senior Pastor Emeritus, College Church Wheaton

Sometimes the simplest things are the easiest to overlook – things like walking into church. How do you walk into church? If you read this little book, I believe you will think about it a lot differently and you will do it a lot better.
~ Tim Challies

This is an immensely useful and relevant book. Short, clear, but one that engages with deep theology in practical ways. And although it is obvious there is much more that could be said about church, imagine if everyone lived out the implications of what Tony does unpack? Our gatherings as God’s people would be beautiful and powerful.
~ Andrew Heard
Senior Pastor, EV Church, Erina

For most of us our churchgoing – whether regular, occasional, or non–existent – is just an unconsidered part of life. It’s something we do, or sometimes do, or rarely do, or never do. But not something we think about so that we might do it with an aim, a purpose, a real intentionality. This clear and engaging book will be a real and practical help. I have myself been challenged by it and hope it will be widely read.
~ Christopher Ash
Author of “Listen Up!”
Director of Cornhill Training Course


Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781922206725
Publisher: Matthias Media
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Customer Reviews

  • Jonathan Carswell | starstarstarstarstar

    I love this book

    Loving the church can be hard work. It's easier to turn up, sit on your own, listen/pretend you're listening and go home feeling better about yourself. But that's not what what God wants. God wants us to be a family, loving one another and serving each other.

    Tony walks us through says we can serve with intention and in doing so glorify God. There are simple ways like thinking who we sit with or what we talk about after the service but things I often neglect out of love for my own interests.

    This is a short, well written and low cost gem. If you're wanting a book on why you should bother loving the church - this is it!


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