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Understanding the secrets of living for Jesus

Warren Wiersbe

2 Customer Reviews

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Do you know the secret of living?

In order to bear fruit, we must abide in Christ . . .

What is the secret of abiding? It is obeying; give God your will.

What is the secret of obeying? It is loving; give God your heart.

What is the secret of loving? It is knowing; give God your mind.

Christ gave His disciples complete instructions for living the abundant life. And He speaks to us today through His Word, saying: ‘This life can be yours as well!’


Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781910587737
Publisher: 10Publishing
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About the author(s)

Warren W. Wiersbe is a pastor, author, and editor of more than 150 books, including On Being a Servant of God. Today his primary ministry is serving others through writing. He lives in Nebraska, USA.

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Customer Reviews

  • Matthew Brown | starstarstarstarstar

    Abiding in Jesus brings abundant life!

    Warren Wiersbe does an excellent job on bringing out the logic and flow of Jesus' teaching in John 15. He writes clearly and in a straightforward manner with lots of insight into the meaning and application of the passage.

    I especially liked his explanation of what it means to 'abide' in Jesus - that as Christians have been united to Christ, as the branch is united to the vine, then this living union forms the basis of our communion with Jesus (our 'abiding' in him), our moment-by-moment fellowship with our Lord that is evidenced in our lives in various ways as we live for him.

    Very helpful and challenging stuff! Well worth recommending to others if they're looking for a good read.


  • Jonathan Carswell | starstarstarstarstar


    This is an outstanding little book.

    A simple exposition of John 15, I've never read anything better on the subject.


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