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The Big Picture Story Bible


David R Helm

2 Customer Reviews

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Presents the big picture of the Bible to children ages 2–7 through easy–to–read stories and striking illustrations. Download a free audio reading at BigPictureStoryBible.com.

No child is too young to begin learning about the greatest love story of all God’s love for his people, as portrayed in the Bible. David Helm and Gail Schoonmaker have together created a colorful book of Bible stories written especially for children ages 2–7. Rather than simply retelling portions of the Bible, this book presents the big picture the unified story running through the Old and New Testaments. Twenty–six stories together form parts of this big picture.

Simply written and beautifully illustrated, this book teaches children the Bible’s whole story so they can begin to appreciate the fulfilment of God’s promise to his people. The Big Picture Story Bible is perfect for parents to read to their children and for older children to read on their own.


Trim: Hardback
ISBN13: 9781433543111
Publisher: Crossway
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About the author(s)

As a church–planting pastor and father of five, David Helm is Senior Pastor of Holy Trinity Church, a multi–site church plant in Chicago.

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Customer Reviews

  • Nick Brake | starstarstarstarstar

    Good Bible overview for kids

    It helps you and your kids understand the Bible's big story of God's Rescue plan in Jesus, so is very helpful for Christian and families that aren't (ie given to them as a gift!) Highly recommended.


  • Alicia Marie Swanson | starstarstarstarstar

    Buy this one!

    Among children’s bibles, this one stands in a league all its own. Helm refuses to treat the bible as a collection of disconnected stories whose main purpose is to get kids to “be good little boys and girls”. Instead He lets the bible be what it is meant to be: the unfolding and often messy story of the creator’s plan to rescue this rebellious world and bring it back under the rule of it’s rightful king. He masterfully pays attention to the details of the biblical narratives, but always connects it to God’s promise to bring blessing to the world through Israel, and finally and completely through Jesus. He writes at a level that is simple and accessible to small children and yet theologically informed. The illustrations are done with excellence and in a way that is appealing to small children. My advice: Toss all your moralistic, theologically weak children’s bibles in the recycling bin and buy this one!


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