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Grill a Christian

Answers to tough questions

Roger Carswell

3 Customer Reviews

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Wouldn’t you just love to grab a Christian, sit them down in the hot seat and grill them mercilessly on the tough questions about God, the Bible and the world? There are the tricky questions that everyone asks, like Why does God allow suffering? and How can a God of love send people to Hell? Or perhaps you have more specific ones, such as Who did Cain marry? Was Jesus really born by a virgin? and Does God care about my carbon footprint? In Grill a Christian, international speaker and author Roger Carswell gives straightforward, no–nonsense answers from the Bible to these burning questions and many more. If you have ever wished you could have your question about God answered, or perhaps people ask you and you re not sure what to say, then this book is for you it probably has the answer!


Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781906173111
Publisher: 10Publishing
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About the author(s)

Roger Carswell is from Yorkshire, England. He became a Christian as a teenager, while visiting relatives in the Lebanon. For over over 20 years he has been travelling throughout the UK and the world speaking about the Christian message. He is married and has four grown–up children and six grandchildren. 

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Customer Reviews

  • Jeremy Mills | starstarstarstarstar

    Great to give away

    This book gives good solid biblical answers in a down to earth manner to which people can relate and covers the questions that are most frequently asked. A great book to give away - the most popular book at our Easter Book Table


  • Allan Spencer | starstarstarstarstar

    Answers on a Plate

    Easy to read for the Christian and Non-Christian alike. Simple and straight forward containing many of those often asked questions with to the point answers. A great book to 'give away' to those who want to know more.


  • jonathan bass | starstarstarstarstar

    grill a christian

    it is very interesting & im sure will help me


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