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Charity Donations

10ofThose are committed to supporting Christian ministry, not only through the provision of the resources we sell and the discounts we provide, but also by passing on money generated through our business.

This year we are delighted to support Alex and Kate to help them continue to do gospel work…

Alex and Kate

Hundreds of thousands of students from around the world come to the UK for university each year. Many of these will encounter Jesus for the first time, begin to explore Christianity and some even come to new life in him. However this is only half of the story as many of these students will face all sorts of challenges to their exploration or in their new faith once they return home. In one country 90% of those who profess faith in Jesus overseas will have fallen away within a year of returning home. Alex and Kate, with their young son, are working overseas in this sensitive country, in discipleship and evangelism amongst these returnees, trusting in God’s promise that ‘the one who endures to the end will be saved’ (Matt 24:13)

You can find out more about Crosslinks here.

How are we Supporting Them

Customer donations can be made when making a purchase through this website. Further donations will be made by the company as directed by the Board. For further information about this please email the board.

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