Charity Donations

10ofThose are committed to supporting Christian ministry, not only through the provision of the resources we sell and the discounts we provide, but also by passing on money generated through our business.

This year we are delighted to support two individuals to help them continue to do gospel work…

Jacquie Watts

Jacquie has been working on the Yorkshire Camp team for a number of years, helping them to provide camps for children and young people that encourage them to follow Jesus. Jacqui has been involved in all kinds of jobs at YC, but can most often be found in the kitchens producing fantastic food en masse for the various camps. You can find out more about Yorkshire camps here.

Martin Povey

Martin has been involved in evangelism and in training and supporting others in evangelism for many years. He currently spends much of his time supporting College/Sixth Form Christian Unions and churches in the South East in sharing and defending the Gospel. Martin is part of the Association of Evangelists. You can find out more about the Association of Evangelists here.

How are we Supporting Them

Customer donations can be made when making a purchase through this website. Further donations will be made by the company as directed by the Board. For further information about this please email the board.

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