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27 February 2017

10ofthose.com gets an overhaul

We’re excited to launch our re–designed website which we trust will help more people have better access to excellent books.

We’ve tried to add as many bells and whistles as we can to ensure your shopping experience is easy and quick. We also want to help you get what you want while giving you the means to explore new books and resources.

Last year we ran a survey to see what features you would like our website to have. While we couldn’t add every feature (thanks for those who said everything should be free!) here’s a snap shot of the new features our new site has:

What’s new?

    • improved search facilities, with book displays
    • responsive use on mobiles and tablets
    • a price match guarantee against Amazon
    • upgrade options on your orders getting a next day, timed delivery
    • multiple formats listed on one product page
    • longer and wider–ranging product reviews in our news section
    • author introductions – helping you know more about those who have written the books you’re reading

And coming soon…

  • a ‘Bloggers Review’ system – allowing those who review books to easily request and receive free samples of books to review
  • subscriptions – meaning you can sign up for a year’s delivery of your favourite Bible readings without having to come back each month or quarter

As you might imagine there has been a significant investment of time and money but no doubt there will be some teething issues. Please let us know if you discover anything not working just as well as it should be. We’ll get on and make the changes we need to make it the best site we can.

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