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08 March 2017

The Word Alive Bookshop

7 reasons to get excited

Word Alive Bookshop 2017
Word Alive Bookshop 2017

Somebody once said that a conference is only as good as its bookshop. Probably. 

Even if they didn’t, it’s a great opportunity to browse a wide range of books, and that’s why we’re thrilled to be providing the Word Alive Bookshop this year.  Here are 7 reasons to get excited…

1. Smart and easy to navigate
What good is a bookshop if you can’t find the book you want?! We’ll display our books on clearly categorised shelving. And if you need help, our team will know just where to point you!

2. Loads of staff
Nobody likes wandering around a shop looking for help, so we’ll have plenty of knowledgeable staff members to direct and advise you, from first thing in the morning until we close late at night.

3. International
We’ll have Bibles, books and various other resources available in a whole range of foreign languages, and there’ll be an international worker on hand to help!

4. Bargains
Hopefully it goes without saying that we’ll be offering excellent prices throughout the store! In particular, stage recommendations will be heavily discounted, and there will be excellent books available from just £1.

5. Put your feet up
All that browsing can be tiring. We’ll have a comfy seating area for you to relax and browse the week’s recommendations at your leisure.

6. Try before you buy
We want you to get hold of books you’ll engage with, so there will be sample copies of all the stage recommendations for you to peruse and see if they’re for you.

7. Make your mark
Finally, if you’ve got a book you love, we’ll have a board available for you to recommend it to all and sundry!

See you there!

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