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08 June 2017

God’s Leader

Ten key Bible passages are opened up by Andy Mason as he reminds leaders of God’s priorities for their lives. 

Starting with a much–needed emphasis on the Cross, followed by a chapter on the Word, he then moves on to cover issues such as spiritual warfare, prayer, laziness, and opposition. His final chapter describes some of the complications leaders face, and reminds us of our weakness, lack of knowledge, and vulnerability. Throughout, he keeps bringing us back to Christ as the ultimate fulfilment of all the leadership passages of the Bible. How good it is then that Christian leaders point people to the Saviour and not themselves.

I was particularly helped and challenged by the chapter from 1 Corinthians 13 on the need to be loving leaders. 

It is all too easy to be mesmerised by a talented leader’s gifts and to forget two major emphases: first, character is what the New Testament concentrates on when it describes leaders who serve the Lord well; and second, without love for those we serve, our best speaking efforts are only empty noise. Humbling, but bang on!

Although only a brief book, it packs a big punch, and underscores the solid spiritual realities that no leader should neglect. Some great quotes from the likes of Spurgeon, Owen, C.S. Lewis and John Newton really help to engage the reader. 

You won’t find here solutions to common leadership and church problems, nor additions to a ‘leadership skill toolbox’. But it will do any leader and church member good to read and remember what is at stake, and pray more seriously for this vital aspect of church life.

God’s Leader is accessible, thoughtful, and direct in style. Any leadership team would profit from talking about a chapter before they get down to the agenda items that are always on the ‘to–do list’.

Very warmly commended.


Reviewed by Ray Evans, Lead Pastor at Grace Community Church in Bedford and FIEC Leadership Consultant.

God’s Leader is due for release in late June 2017, and is available for pre–order now.

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