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28 June 2017

The Art of Turning

There have not been many modern books written on the place of conscience in the Christian life. I am thrilled that Kevin has written one. I found it stimulating and helpful.” 
– Justin Mote, Director of Training for the North West Gospel Partnership

“This excellent short book… is written for Christians, and will do us much good, but I will feel confident in handing it to those exploring the Christian faith.”

William Taylor, St Helen’s Bishopsgate, London

“Christians urgently need the practical and penetrating encouragements which Kevin DeYoung addresses in this short book. A simple, clear and much–needed focus on an essential element of Christian growth.”
Jonathan Lamb, Minister–at–large for Keswick Ministries, Vice–President of IFES

“This is a wonderfully clear teaching about a joyfully clear conscience. These words spur us on to walk in open relationship with God, through his Spirit, conscience cleansed by the blood of Christ.”

Kathleen Nielson, The Gospel Coalition

“As a biblical counselor I am grateful for this resource as it is sure to be helpful for anyone who reads it.”
Eliza Huie, author and counselor 

“Short enough to read in one sitting, significant enough to change your whole life.”

Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher and author

“As always with DeYoung who is a prolific and enjoyable writer he writes fluently, biblically and practically… What I found particularly helpful is his emphasis on having a balanced approach.”
Jeremy Marshall, blogger
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“This is an interesting and unique book on a seldom discussed topic. Short, pithy and profound, well worth a read.”

Nigel Styles, Director of the Proclamation Trust Cornhill training course

“The four types of conscious highlighted are all very pertinent and well illustrated. The concluding remarks of application are also very sharp and challenging. I think this is a great popular level book that should be given to every member of the congregation.”
Jon Gemmell, blogger for The Proclamation Trust 
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