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18 December 2017

10ofThose’s Top 10 Bestsellers – 2017

Recently, we took a look at the top 10 bestselling books from 10Publishing in 2017. As this year draws to a close, here are the top 10 bestselling books sold across 10ofthose.com (excluding 10Publishing titles and Bibles).

1. Your Verdict on the Empty Tomb ~ Val Grieve (Evangelical Press)

It’s wonderful to have an evangelistic book topping our bestsellers list! To see this happen was a key objective for 10ofthose this year. This short classic, written by a lawyer to a ‘jury’ giving the compelling evidence for the resurrection, was brought back into print this year and seems to have hit a need. Gavin Calver of the Evangelical Alliance describes it as ‘A clear and wonderful case for the resurrection that will challenge even the most sceptical of readers.’

2. Sing!: Why and How We Should Worship ~ Keith and Kristyn Getty (B&H)

New out this year, we’ve sold thousands of copies of this first book from the Gettys. It helps the church family think through the why and how of worshipping God, both individually and corporately. 

3. We Died Before We Came Here ~ Emily Foreman (NavPress)

This is one of the best new biographies around. Challenging, inspiring, moving, and well written – it was highlighted at Word Alive, all three weeks of the Keswick Convention, and has been a 10ofthose favourite this year. 

4. A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Loving the Old Testament ~ Alec Motyer (Christian Focus)

A short, easy–to–read introduction the Old Testament, that, this year, was made available for just £1.00 as part of World Book Day – as a result, we sold 1000s!

5. Diary of a Disciple ~ Gemma Willis (Scripture Union)

Here’s 10ofthose’s top–selling children’s book of the year (excluding 10Publishing). A retelling of the story of Luke’s Gospel, this has been hugely popular, and rightly so. A well produced book that will help many kids get into the Bible. 

6. Growing up God’s Way – For Girls/For Boys ~ Dr Chris Richards & Dr Liz Jones (Evangelical Press)

In a world totally confused about sex, sexuality, and identity, these books are much needed, as we help teach our children what the Bible commands. This is more than just sex education for kids, it is biblical teaching on marriage and sexual identity too. 

7. Fine Gold from Yorkshire ~ Faith Cook (Evangelical Press)

Faith is one of the best Christian biographers around and this is her top–selling book of 2017. Taking famous Christians from Yorkshire she tells their stories, ensuring that Jesus is at the fore of each. This book has gone out to places that wouldn’t usually see Christian books being sold – and we thank God for this.

8. The Jesus Storybook Bible ~ Sally Lloyd–Jones (Zondervan)

This is in our top 10 each year! A constant bestseller, it’s one of the best Bible overviews for children around. 

9. Women of the Word ~ Jen Wilkin (Crossway)

Jen’s writings have become a favourite to many. This book and None Like Him have been consistently requested at conferences and church events which has helped them to be seen by a wide audience. 

10. Why the Reformation Still Matters ~ Michael Reeves and Tim Chester (IVP)

As this year marked 500 years since the Reformation, it’s good to see a title in our top 10 celebrating what God did through Martin Luther and others. This was perhaps the best in–depth yet popular level book out there on the topic. Asking and explaining why the Reformation still matters, the book got to the crux of the issue and Mike and Tim are two of the best UK writers around – that combination made this a go–to book for many. 

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