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13 December 2017

10Publishing’s Top 10 of 2017

10Publishing began because we recognised a need for biblically faithful books that were shorter, lower–cost, and that could be bought in bulk to be used as church–wide reading or in evangelistic outreach.

The last year or two has seen huge growth in not only the titles we publish but also in the volume that has been bought. 

Here are 10Publishing’s top 10 selling books of 2017.

1. The Freedom of Self–Forgetfulness – Timothy Keller

This book has been a constant best–seller since its release in 2012. It changed our Managing Director’s Christian life, and we often receive messages from readers around the world who have been impacted by this book.

2. Freedom Movement – Michael Reeves

This book was the brainchild of our friends at Christian Heritage London, who saw the need for an evangelistic book that could be used during the Reformation celebrations. Our prayer is that many will have read it and had their lives changed by Jesus.

3. The Art of Turning – Kevin DeYoung

Kevin is a wonderful writer – and this little book tackles a huge subject: How can Christians who are commanded to live holy lives, yet know all too well their sin which is ‘always before them’ have a clear conscience?  

4. Everything a Child Should Know About God – Kenneth Taylor

Teaching doctrine is never easy – but to 3–7s… that’s impossible, right?! This book seems to be helping families around the world with the tough task of teaching children ‘the way they should go’. 

5. Everyone a Child Should Know – Clare Heath–Whyte

The follow–on from Everything a Child Should Know About God, this book released in October – it tells the stories of 52 people from Christian history. We printed 19,500 copies and every one sold out before the beginning of December! We have a reprint due in March.

6. Love Story – Glen Scrivener

It’s great to have another evangelistic title in our top 10. This one looks at the reality of the resurrection. It’s sold throughout the year, not just at Easter, and that’s credit to Glen, who is a wonderful wordsmith of gospel truth.

7. Enjoy Your Prayer Life – Michael Reeves

This is Michael’s second book in our top 10! Part of the Union Series, this book has helped thousands of people transform their prayer life from a chore to a joy. The whole series is worth reading.

8. Raising Teens in a Hyper–Sexualized World – Eliza Huie

A niche book perhaps, but on a crucial topic. We are thrilled that this book, by a new author, has done so well. We felt a book like this was important to have available, and indeed, it’s going to be part of a new series of books edited by Deepak Reju.

9. Luther and the 9.5 Theses – Kenneth Brownell

We asked Ken if he would write a book designed for the ‘average’ person in the pew, helping them to understand what the 95 Theses were all about, and crucially why they matter today. He did so in nine and a half chapters (hence the 9.5) and hundreds of churches bought multiple copies for their congregations to read together.

10. Intentional – Paul Williams

We all need help with chatting about Jesus to our friends, and Intentional is a short book designed to help us do just that. We can often talk about church or Christianity but never talk about Jesus. Using examples from his own life, Paul helps us to see how we can be intentional in our chatter and, as we do, share the good news of Jesus. 


Across these 10 titles, 178,381 units were sold. Across all 10Publishing titles, 776,000 units were sold during 2017.

In the next few days we’ll take a look at our top 10 books across all publishers sold by 10ofthose.com

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