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02 July 2019

10Giving Supports Ugandan Mission Trip

Uganda 1
Uganda 1

As part of our 10Giving programme we were able to support a recent mission trip to Uganda, by supplying children’s books and resources to the team going over.

The charity, US2Uganda4life, is a small family run organisation established in 2009 that provides sponsorship support for Ugandan Children and Kalungi Medical Center and Nursing School. The charity is primarily funded through sponsorship, and all of the money is invested in country, with all administration and leadership being done by volunteers.

Volunteer Jennifer Harrison explains:

“During our annual trip to the schools – where the majority of the almost 300 children, many who are orphans, are educated – we try to run a programme of bible stories, songs and crafts. We also like to spend the afternoons teaching knitting, art, crochet, sewing, embroidery or music.  As you can imagine there is a general lack of resources, particularly books, so we planned to take as many as we could transport so that we could spend some time reading with or to them during the afternoons.  We were able to do this, and we have left the books in the care of a bursar at the school who will arrange for reading sessions on a regular basis. I’d like to thank you for your kindness and generosity in making this book donation.”

The resources given away are paid for from the profits of our day–to–day sales. It means that every day as people buy resources from 10ofthose.com they are also funding free resources to needy ministry works, even if they don’t realise it! This means that each year we are able to give 1000s of books and resources to gospel work around the world. 


Enjoying the new books
Enjoying the new books


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