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14 April 2020

Can you stand with 10ofThose?


Please will you stand with us? 

Since 10ofThose began over a decade ago, millions and millions of books have shipped out from our warehouse. We’re so thankful to the Lord for how He has used something that was such a little idea, in so many far–reaching ways. Our passion, and the belief that underpins 10ofThose, is that a book that points to Jesus can change lives. 

During the last eight weeks, our ministry has been hugely impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak and the consequent restrictions. In the last couple of weeks, over forty events have been cancelled and at a time where, under God, around £2million of resources would go out. We’re concerned that this huge hit is going to hinder the momentum of our work.

While we have taken steps, along the government’s guidelines, to minimise the long–term impact, we are anxious that many ways we currently serve will have to be sidelined. Our publishing program, for example, has had to be reduced and therefore is jeopardising the possibility of low–cost books, especially evangelistic resources – many that are used at Christmas events and through children’s evangelism like Mums and Tots. Our authors and illustrators have all currently put on hold, waiting to see if we can continue with these projects. 

We have previously be able to serve smaller churches and events through the revenue generated from bigger events. With so many larger events cancelled, unless something changes, we fear we won’t be able to serve the smaller churches in the way we have previously. 

The momentum of the ministry of 10ofThose over the last decade has meant that millions of gospel resources have gone out. 

I am writing to ask if you would be able to stand with us so that we can maintain this momentum? We want to continue serving in these key areas, and we need your support to be able to do so. 

Thank you for continuing to buy books from us. There are two other big ways in which you can stand with us:

On a personal level:Would you consider buying gift vouchers at this time? If you buy more than £50 worth of vouchers in a single order, we will give you an additional 10% of the value to spend in the Autumn. Could you buy a gift voucher today? 


For your church:Could your church put credit on your account committing in advance the money you usually budget to spend on books and resources? You can then spend your credit as and when you need resources. However, If you were to put £1000 on your account today, and didn’t touch it until 1st September, we would add to your account an additional £200 – as a way of saying thank you. 

www.10ofthose.com/payment – use reference ‘Support’

Investing in our ministry in these two ways would allow us to kickstart the projects we’ve had to put on hold. It would also ensure that we could continue supporting churches of all sizes with pop up bookstores, as we have been able to before the outbreak. 

We really appreciate your support. If you, or your treasurer, have questions or are unsure of how it might work – please do get in touch. I’m very willing to have a conversation, or respond to an email. Thank you for reading, and considering how you might be able to stand with us as we endeavour to continue in the ministry the Lord has given us.

If you have questions please contact: Jonathan@10ofthose.com


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