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05 February 2021

Point to Jesus this Easter

This video is the free webinar we hosted to help churches and individuals to Point to Jesus this Easter.

Here at 10ofThose we want to help people to reach out in their communities with the good news of Jesus, and what better opportunity to do that than Easter?

But how does that look in lockdown? How can we be reaching out with the good news while staying socially distanced? Here are our ideas and resources.


With Lent starting on the 16th February, it can be a perfect time to engage with your church families or those in your community. 

Could you host a pancake party online? Maybe get people to share their videos on your social media of them flipping them, or just a tasty picture?

You know those around you better than anyone else. Would you need to grab some ready made pancake batter to pop in a goodie bag, or simply post a recipe online? Could you record a greeting and introduction to what Lent is all about and even share with your local primary schools? 

Lent, just like Advent, is a time for reflection, and presents us with a great opportunity to seek out daily opportunities to get to know God better. Choosing a time like Lent to start a new habit of family devotions could be great motivation.

Our Devotional Dippers are perfect for this, and with 40 sticks in each box will give you enough for the whole of Lent (minus the Sundays!). 

Dig into Matthew is perfect for late primary or secondary pupils, and in 50 devotions takes you through the whole of Matthew. Chris Ranson’s words and quirky illustrations have received great feedback from this age range.

For those who would like to take Lent to focus on the work of Missionaries, this new book, A Taste of Asia, has 21 wonderful family devotions. For some families having something to look at every other day is more manageable than every day.

Perhaps you could encourage your families to write out 40 things they can do to show love to others during lent. 40 Acts may not be running this year, but we can still find ways to be generous, and Together @ Home have created a great PDF if you can’t think of what you could be doing.

How about a Lego Lent for those who just love to create? Check out the Lego Lent facebook page.

If you’re looking to put together a Lent goodie bag, having a good selection of activities to do can be helpful.

Easter Activities is a great book for 7–11s, with colouring, spot the difference and various other activities based around the Easter story. 

Who will be King?, is another great book for the junior’s age range, and ties in with the accompanying tract which can be given out at follow up events. They both look at Two Ways to Live, but in a child friendly way.

Easter colouring and Activity is another lovely resource, designed for our 2–7 year olds, and talks about Jesus and what Easter really means.

If you’re a Youth Leader, or Children’s worker, then the Easter for Kids guide is perfect, and contains photocopiable resources and ideas for lots of activities, most of which can be adapted for online, or home. It also comes with a CD Rom of music and powerpoint slides, which can be shared throughout Lent, or sheets printed off and added to a Lent goodie bag.

Now, we know you want to have some ideas for how to engage families as we get closer to Easter, so here are some ideas we know have worked for others:

Lost Sheep Trail 

We know that some churches host a Lost Sheep trial as part of their Christmas outreach, but there’s no reason you can’t do this for Spring too! If you have a team of knitters who can make a small flock, you can then hide these around your community to be found. If you’d prefer you could have people from your church put up a sheep poster in their window, and see how many people can find. Those taking part could be offered one of our rhyming gospel books, The Lost Sheep.

School Assemblies

If you have a local school you could reach out to, we’re sure they would love to have you send in a Lent or Easter assembly video. Seeing a local face who can simply share a gospel talk would be wonderful. You could even donate books or Bibles for the school library, each classroom, or even every school child. Faith in Kids have some great assembly outlines which you could adapt, or this candle talk by Roger Carswell could be reenacted.

Zoom Party

If your kids clubs want to arrange a Zoom party in the run up to Easter, then we have had great success dropping off goodie bags in advance which contain the necessary crafts or props needed for the activities, and of course some snacks!

Easter Escape Room

For high school age children why not organise a fun escape room. Dave Thornton has created some free ones, and is currently working on an Easter one, complete with scripture, teaching and application!

Easter Activity Trail/Scavenger Hunt

As most people have been stuck indoors for the last few months we anticipate many will most likely want to engage in some outdoor events. Having said that, many are still very anxious about mixing, even outdoors, and we won’t know what restrictions will be in place until closer to Easter. Planning a trail which can be accessed by family bubbles, and without the need for any contact will be preferable. You can give a paper sheet, or why not try a google map which can be accessed by a QR code?

Live Easter

People long to see people, but in a covid secure way. If you can arrange people to act out scenes from Jesus’ ministry (using family bubbles where scenes need more than one person), or even monologues from characters we read of in the Bible, culminating in the events of Holy week, this would be a wonderful way to really bring the gospel to life for people. Slots can be booked for families to join the live easter trail, and scenes could even be acted out in the front gardens of the actors or in public spaces. 

Chalk Walk

If you have grounds around your church you can create an interactive walk with questions, or stations with information about the easter story.

For all of your events we would love to see those taking part able to take home a book or prize which will continue to point them to Jesus long after the event has finished. These amazing books can all be bought for as little as £1 a copy.

We’ve even put together this amazing value box of books for adults and children, to enable even those on the most modest budget to be able to share the good news.


Lent for Adults

The Generosity Project is a 6 part course, perfect for the 6 weeks of Lent. Using a combination of online resources, sections of the book, and also discussion, it will help those who read it to see Gods heart for generosity.

Overcoming Walls to Witnessing is a brand new book with 6 chapters which could be read through together as a church during Lent, and give your group a boost for their evangelism.

We have a wide range of Undated Devotions which you could use during Lent to focus on your Bible time. – Matthew orMark would be a great choice.


If you’re looking for ways to encourage your friends, family and neighbours, or perhaps planning to pop something for the adults in your goodie bags, then postcards are a low cost, yet personal, solution.


Hope for Easter CD

The Christmas CD sold out very quickly, so make sure to pre–order now if you’d like copies of this new evangelistic CD for Easter, with music from Phil Moore and the team at Cornerstone Nottingham, and also a message from evangelist Glen Scrivener. These will fit inside our square Easter cards, and are perfect for handing out as prizes for your Easter activities. 

Life Evangelistic Magazine

This high quality magazine contains a mixture of evangelistic content and other articles. Included are testimonies from well–known people, recipes, money saving advice, gospel tracts, household projects, activity pages for adults and children as well as other evangelistic articles. We also can arrange to have your details printed onto the magazine and distribution by Royal Mail when ordering for your postal area.

Easter Giveaway books 

We love to encourage people to give away good Christian books which explain the gospel, and we want them to be as affordable as possible, so you can get them from just £1 a copy.


Testimony Books

 We also have a great range of evangelistic testimony books, which are perfect for giving away throughout the year.

 Gospels, New Testaments, Bibles and Foreign language scripture

Obviously, we would always encourage people to have portions of scripture available, and we have some really economical options available.

Follow up

Once Easter is over, how will you be following up your contacts?

For adults we recommend The Word One to One, Essentials, and Christianity Explored.


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