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08 April 2022

Surprised by Jesus Devotions– Day 5


John: Creature Creator

Read John 1:1–18.

To fully understand the surprising nature of Jesus, the beginning of the Gospel of John is a great place to spend some time. This passage displays the radical surprise of the Word, God himself, becoming flesh. This reality is one more example of the way the real Jesus surprises us into wonder and freedom. That this Word, God himself, would become flesh is the scandal of all scandals.

God becomes flesh in the person of Jesus so that he can meet with us, commune with us, and live with us. This is unfathomable. It is not a point of doctrine to download mentally and then move on. 

We do not master this, like a multiplication table. It is a point to be chewed on and digested. It is to be wondered at. The Word became flesh — not ‘the Word created flesh’, though that is true. The Word became flesh. This truth calls for meditation and worship.

A thousand encouraging implications arise out of this remarkable union in Jesus of greatness and goodness, might and mercy, strength and salvation. Take prayer, for example. When we kneel down to pray, we are coming to one who is both utterly powerful and utterly good. He is both King and Lover, both omnipotent and omni–merciful. 

He is able to help us, and he is willing to help us. In Jesus Christ, believers have a Lord and a Saviour. He is over us and he is next to us. Jesus is a King to represent God to us as well as a Priest to represent us to God.

Take a moment and think about this and how it impacts your life today. 

Are there problems in your life that feel too big right now? Jesus is God who has all power and might. Are there things on your mind that seem small and insignificant? Jesus is the God who became flesh to dwell on earth, experiencing all manner of small and seemingly insignificant things. 

This God–man who is all these things came and lived and died for you. He cares about you in all these areas and seeks your good in all these things. Your one crucial work is to trust in the one who was sent to earth for you.

 Believe and trust in this surprising Jesus and be willing to be surprised by his astounding grace each and every day until he calls you home.

Questions for Reflection

●      Take a moment to think about God becoming flesh. If you had never heard this before, how might you initially respond? Would you see its significance or think it strange?

●      How might regular reflection on the united nature of Christ affect your life? Think of some ways you could practically remind yourself of this truth.

●      What is another aspect of your life that the surprising nature of Jesus as seen in John would affect if you truly believed it?


Lord, thank you for your surprising nature. I am astounded by the way that you took on flesh on behalf of your people. Thank you for being my Lord and Savior, my King and priest. Please help me to never lose sight of the truth of who you are and teach me to respond rightly to who you are each and every day, trusting in you for all things. Amen.


These four gospel excerpts exude grace — surprising grace, subversive grace. Through the person of Jesus and his encounters with real people in the gospel narratives, we see a glimpse into the heart of Christ for you and me. 

This radical grace changes everything about who we are, how we inhabit this world, and how we interact with others. I pray that these reflections have helped you to think more about the surprising nature of Jesus and inspires you to worship him more fully and spurs you to share this wonderful surprise with others.


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