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25 April 2022

Queen’s Jubilee Opportunities

 Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee while pointing to Jesus might sound like a tricky balance, but we chatted with evangelist Roger Carswell to see what ideas he had for using this opportunity to share the gospel in our communities.

Key Ideas
Afternoon Tea

What could be more British than an afternoon tea party with scones, victoria sponge cake, and a few cucumber sandwiches? Your church could host one, or why not invite some of your neighbours round for a garden party over the Jubilee weekend? Don’t forget to take the opportunity to give out Christian resources, or give an evangelistic talk about the Queen, and the King to which she will one day bow before.

People could dress up for the occasion in their finest outfits, or have a 50’s theme to reflect 1952 when the Queen was crowned.

Street Parties

Maybe your street already have something planned, or perhaps you could take on the responsibility to get organised. If you’re going to need to get the road closed make sure to contact your local council, or perhaps use someones garden to host the event. Could your church host a party for the road it’s on?

If you’ve been invited to an event, make sure to do what you can to go along. We are called to be salt and light to those around us, and it’s important to be seen and known in our local area.

Kids Parties

Throw a party for your kids club or Sunday school which has a purple or red/white/blue theme.

Red/White/Blue can be used to explain Jesus’ Blood/Cleansing from Sin/Heaven.

Purple is the colour of Royalty, and allows us to think about our one true King, God.

Beacon Lighting

At 9.45pm on 2nd June thousands of Beacons will be lit simultaneously around the UK and Commonwealth to commemorate the Jubilee. Anyone can register to host a beacon lighting, and could be a great community activity for your church to host. Alongside the theme of the Queen’s Jubilee it is also a great opportunity to tie in the theme of light in the darkness.

More information about hosting a beacon lighting can be found here.

Commemorative Service

Could your church hold a service with a short slot honouring and praying for the Queen? Some churches will hold these on Sunday 5th June, and it is a great opportunity to welcome in people from your local area who may not otherwise attend church, you could follow with a bring and share Jubilee lunch!


We are told to pray for those in authority, and this applies also to our Monarchy. Could you spend some time in the week around the Jubilee praying in earnest for our Queen and those who will succeed her, that they would themselves have a true and living faith in God?


Whatever you are planning, make use of the Jubilee resources such as the Queen’s Jubilee tract or Life Magazine alongside your invitations, and also make sure to have evangelistic resources on hand for the events.

Kids books which touch on the theme of royalty include Who Will be King, Who Will be King Activity, The King’s Garden.

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