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28 January 2023

Reformation Lightning joins 10Publishing

Reformation Lightning joins 10Publishing
Reformation Lightning joins 10Publishing

From February 2023, Reformation Lightning, a growing publisher dedicated to Christian writing for young readers, will be owned and operated by 10ofThose’s publishing house, 10Publishing.

Founder of Ref Light, Jonathan Pountney believes this partnership will put more gospel–inspired fiction into young hands.

“Since its formation, our heart at Ref Light has been for young people to have access to quality stories that help them experience the truth and beauty of the gospel,” he said. “We’re delighted to be partnering with 10ofThose so this can be a reality for more kids around the world.”

Pountney, who holds a PhD in Literature and came into publishing on the back of an early career in academia, established the imprint after seeing a gap in the market. “Middle Grade and YA fiction is hugely popular. Walk into any chain bookstore and you’ll see shelves dedicated to the genre. We are missing something similar in the Christian trade space. Kids absorb so much of the world around them, why not let them absorb fictional worlds created with a biblical worldview?”

He continued, “The market is growing, which is exciting to see. We want to be at the heart of that growth and be flag–bearers for artistically robust and Christ–honouring creative writing.”

Reflecting on the future partnership, Jonathan Carswell, CEO of 10ofThose said, “10Publishing have a passion to reach a wide range of people with the good news of the gospel. To do that well we want to point to Jesus faithfully, but to do it with quality writing that engages, grips and leaves the reader coming back for more. That’s what we have liked about Reformation Lightning: They have built an imprint with those qualities—and that’s why we are delighted that we’ve been able to bring Reformation Lightning into 10Publishing and we hope we can expand the reach of their range.” 

Ref Light’s ever–growing list of titles will be available to purchase from 10ofThose from February. The most notable recent additions are the Middle Grade adventure tale The Marble Curse by Emeritus Professor Richard Vincent, and The First Skyrider by H.R. Hess – the second instalment in the popular Young Adult fantasy series, the Callenlas Chronicles.

“Your children will want a shelf full of books like The First Skyrider,” Nate Morgan Locke, Creative Director of Speak Life, has said about the new release.

10Publishing imprints include 10Publishing, Evangelical Press and Reformation Lightning.

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