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20 August 2017

What will your ministry trainees read?

If your church has ministry trainees, it’s probably just a week or two before they arrive. They will (hopefully) learn and experience a great deal that will shape their Christian ministry. One of the key areas they can really develop in their year with you is in their reading – both becoming readers, and from what they read.

It’s a travesty when people finish their church ministry training and their lives haven’t been transformed by the renewing of their minds.

Below is our full list of the top recommendations for what we think your church apprentices should be reading this year. Before you take to twitter or write in (!), this isn’t everything they could read, but it highlights the essentials that we think cover the key areas for those starting out in ministry. Because not everyone is at the same reading level or has the same spiritual maturity, not everyone should be reading the same book. That’s ok, and should be embraced. That said, we all should be striving to read beyond our usual level – to push us on and stretch our minds. Our full list has three levels (skimmed/semi–skimmed/full fat) to cover where your trainee might be.


Christ’s work on the cross:


Sacrificial living:


Knowing God’s Word:

Studying the Bible:


Ministry Biography:


The Character of God:



Church Leadership:

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