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10ofThose are involved in all sorts of events around the UK & abroad. It is all part of our commitment to distribute quality Christian resources conveniently and efficiently, at low prices.

Below are a list of some of the events we will be providing bookstalls for in the coming months.


If you would be interested in 10ofThose providing a bookstall for an event, conference or as a one off sale please contact the office and we will be glad to help.

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Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference


Church Society has hosted this conference since 2014. It is specifically for those who are ‘junior’, that is anyone considering ministry in the Church of England, lay or ordained, through training, curacy and the first few years of incumbency or the equivalent. The conference aims to help anyone in that category be more effective as an Anglican Evangelical.

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Abuse, the gospel and the local church.

LS11 8SX

It is a tragic truth that many people associate the church as a place where people have been hurt and abused. The reality is though that Christ intends for his church to be a place of safety for the vulnerable, a place of hope for the hurting, and a place of healing for the wounded. The gospel brings hope and the church brings life to all victims of abuse. Join us for this important conference.

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Word on the Wash

PE30 4QG

Word on the Wash is a Christian event for all the family. It’s a great opportunity for Christians in West Norfolk, Fenland and South Holland districts to come together for faithful and relevant bible teaching, worship and encouragement in our Christian lives each year.

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Scottish women’s bible convention


We are convinced that Scotland’s greatest need is to hear God’s voice and that God’s voice is heard when His Word, the Bible is proclaimed. Our aim, therefore, is to provide a day of faithful Bible teaching by women for women with the Lord Jesus as our focus

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Standing in the Gap Ladies Conference


This conference is to encourage and bless each one of us as we worship Jesus with one accord. We can listen to his Word and go back to our own church fellowship refreshed, renewed and re–focused to help us to do the good work that the Lord has put in us, to do it, and do it better.

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Counties Weekend Conference

The Counties evangelists and their families regularly have a weekend conference for fellowship, teaching and worship.

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St Mary’s Maidenhead


It’s great for us, (10ofthose) to be able to resource and encourage St Mary’s church by supporting them with a bookstall on their book Sunday.

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Making a Difference

B30 3PS

How can godliness survive in a godless world? This is not uncharted territory. Generations of faithful men of God in the past have faced situations as dire and even worse than ours and have clung to godliness against all the odds. They’ve proved that God hears and vindicates those who throw themselves on God alone.

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Abuse, the gospel and the local church.

Conference tour. John Stevens, Ian Williamson, Mez McConnell, Sharon Dickens, Matthew Spandler–Davison. Ballymena.

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