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10Publishing is a member of the growing 10ofThose family. 

10Publishing is committed to producing quality Christian resources that are both biblical and accessible

We specialize in shorter books, but do on occasion publish books of other sizes and genres. Our current best selling titles include: The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness (Timothy Keller), True Friendship (Vaughan Roberts), Enjoy your Prayer Life (Michael Reeves), On My Way to Heaven (Mark Ashton), Enough (Helen Roseveare), The Changing Lanes Course, Grill a Christian (Roger Carswell) and The Identity Course.

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The pricing structure of our products is managed quite differently perhaps from other publishers. Because our passion is to see Bible–centered resources read by as many people as possible we seek to keep our sale prices very, very low – often just a dollar or two. We would rather sell twice as many products for less money because we believe in the content of the product.

10Publishing also offer services for various churches and organizations in providing print management to allow affordable and purpose designed resources.

If you have an idea that would fit our remit, or would like to talk to us more about publishing a resource for your church or organization, please email Jonathan Carswell with the details as outlined below and he will deal with your ideas personally. Due to the high volume of manuscript submissions we cannot always reply as quickly as we usually would. 

Please note we do not publish poetry, dissertations or books over 100,000 words.

1. Overview

A summary (1 paragraph) of the book’s aims and scope.

2. Contents

A contents list with a short paragraph describing each chapter.

3. Sample

The introduction and two sample chapters.

4. Readership

A realistic assessment of the intended readership. Please be specific, stressing major markets.

    5. Are there other similar titles?

    Please note the answer may be no for a reason!

      6. How long is the book?

      How many words, or other appropriate measure of length
      (e.g. days for a devotion, pictures for a young children’s book)

      7. About the author(s)/editor(s)

      A short bio about you and any other contributors to this work

      8. Have you previously had anything published?

      Please provide title, publishing house and ISBN if you have one

      9. Have you previously offered this title to any other publisher?
      If ‘yes’, which ones, and what was their reason for saying no?*

      * Please note we will not consider any title currently under consideration by any other publisher. We don’t feel it’s fair to them (or helpful for us).

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